1.27 betas (RC135 - 01/23/11)

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1.27 betas (RC135 - 01/23/11)

Post by fox » Thu Dec 21, 2006 12:32 am

Although this beta is indeed a beta, I'd highly recommend playing whatever's listed here over previous versions. Betas are also updated almost daily, so if you find a bug or have a suggestion please post it! This way, it can be seen and worked into the mod!

IMPORTANT! Always make sure you're running the latest version! If not, strange things may occur.
This will require Freelancer Mod Manager - download it here: http://www.88flak.com/downloads/FLMMInstaller.exe
Important: PLEASE notify me (forum private message, e-mail, etc.) if there's ever a server crash. If possible, try to remember what you were doing at the time - the area you were in, rather you were cruising along a Trade Lane, if NPCs had just spawned in, etc. Server crashes are the #1 priority bug of the mod, and I'm aiming to have NO server crash problems for the public release of 1.27. Any input on server crashes is VERY appriciated! Thanks. =)
The 24/7 Server's IP is
You can view server information here.
Flak 1.27 totes features such as:
-- A re-done flight model (engine kill is now on all ships, and most classes drift around more to be specific)
-- Large balance overhaul (VHFs no longer suck, for real this time! =P )
-- Further improved AI
-- The new "bot" squads for anti-social people ( viewtopic.php?t=106 )
-- Increased sight range on players and NPCs (players show up at 20Km un-grouped instead of 5Km, 150Km grouped instead of 10Km. NPCs show up at 5Km instead of 2.5Km)
-- Faction affiliations (getting friendly with a faction automatically prefixes your name with that faction's tag, and you will show up hostile/friendly to any player hostile/friendly with your faction)
-- Better asteroid fields (you can now move a Battleship or Station through one without frustration)
-- A new pilotable station (Rochester Base), making for 31 pilotable stations now.
-- 10 new NPC voices (17 total!)
-- One large crap-load of minor tweaks to make Flak play better.
-- Another large crap-load of bug-fixes and crash-fixes, served warm. =)

Recent RC Changelogs:
RC135 (01/23/11):
-- Fixed Angelito Mk III being a universal gun.
-- Added numeric health display as a mod option. Enabled by default.
-- Current worth is now shown in the statistic page.
-- Changed system display in chat window to display a player's region instead of a specific system.
-- Changed CM/Mine/Rare to Support Equipment.
-- Changed CD exclusive hardpoints to be capable of equipping a gun (not a missile) on it.
-- Replaced the PLF class with the new Stealth Fighter class. The CSV has not been changed.
-- Clean up some IDs.
-- Changed pulse weapon modifiers to the same as any other modifier (10% decrease against normal shields, 20% increase against rare shields).
-- Increased ungrouped player detection range to 40k from 25k. This should help in finding players in regions.
-- Removed guns being equippable on the VHF torpedo slots.
-- Updated compatible drivers list.
-- Redesigned Ship Infocards to be more readable in-game. (Fox)
-- Fixed issue with PLFs (now SF) that caused people to be kicked when undocking.
-- Re-hardpointed every freighter to make them less awkward.
-- Replaced the former rear-facing turret with another support slot on all freighters

RC134 (01/15/11):
-- Corrected discrepancies with weapon_equip_dust.ini (Fox)
-- Fixed the Unlawful starting jumpholes not being properly invulnerable (players shouldn't be able to shut down holes leading out of Nexus) (Fox)
-- Made non-rare shield busters deal more damage to rare equipment (shields, capacitors, etc.) and less damage to non-rare shields for a proper counter against shield rare stacking
-- Removed class info in equipment screen
-- Moved all guns into one class
-- Moved all light fighter shields into one class
-- Moved all heavy fighter shields into one class
-- Fixed Lower Unknown mooring fixtures with incorrect reputation
-- Reduced asteroids mass by 25%. This should make flying a battleship in an asteroid field less annoying, but still not recommended from the speed loss.
-- Counter-measure, mines, and rares share the same slot
-- Rare (equipment) can ONLY be placed on the aforementioned slot rather than stacked on shields anymore. This does not affect rare guns.
-- Halved fighter weapon ranges

RC133 (01/02/11):
-- Undid cloak "fix". It ended up breaking cloak
-- Reduced docking speed from 40 to 25 (Vanilla: 18). This should help solve some of the docking issues.
-- Allowed arena tokens to be bought with Operative tokens
-- Fixed a rare crash with dynamic lights
-- Increased docking sphere range for Transports and Small Capitals from 20 up to 100
-- Added auto-updater as a FLMM mod option
-- Fixed Rheinland Gunboat Defense Turret (w/o battledust) having the old refire rate

RC132 (12/19/10):
-- Nerfed AO run
-- Replaced unlawful House starting jump holes with Omicron Alpha and Gamma
-- Added unlawful bribe in n00b base ship dealer
-- Added /ping command
-- Fixed uncloak timer reset bug
-- Added /mission command. Creates a working scripting mission. Limit one active per server.
-- Added the new server to freelancer.bat
-- Made shipyard docking more cinematic: enter one end and exit the other, with a docking camera to showcase your ship.
-- Added docking lights to shipyards to signal the front and back
-- Added new versatile.dll for easily inter-changable IDS and infocards such as missions or custom factions
-- 8 New Custom factions to be used with aforementioned DLL to easily integrate clans into the server
-- Made abandoned docking rings invulnerable
-- Added mooring fixtures to abandoned docking rings
-- Doubled refire for all Small Capital, weapon platform, tradelane, liner, transport, and various other defense turrets from 0.125 to 0.0625 - Kraizer
-- Changed effects on the defense turrets to make them look more prominent in battle - Kraizer
-- Small AI tweak to ease up on repairs. - Fox
-- Doubled Nanobot / Shield Battery count for better combat pacing. - Fox
-- Raised chance of Nanobot / Shield Battery drops off un-assisted kills. - Fox
-- Decreased the percentage variance in shield damage from +30%/-50% to +10%/-20%. - Fox

RC131 (10/22/10):
-- Decreased NPC counts back to RC129's values.
-- Decreased AI Wingmen sizes back to default of two.
-- Fixed an issue where Nomad AI Wingmen sizes were not adjusted to suite the selected NPC Count option.
-- Fixed issue with autobuy not functioning when docked on a Player Carrier.
-- Safeguard added to player-docking - if player-docking ever malfunctions, the player will no longer spawn in the middle of nowhere; they will instead spawn above the center of the system.
-- Equipment now drops correctly off NPCs.
-- Drop rate of rares decreased slightly.
-- The Nomad Lair now spawns correct Nomad Wingmen squads.
-- Small tweak applied to NPC spawning which should generate more balanced fights.
-- Zoners no longer pilot Prison Liners (this was never intended in the first place).
-- Added basic functionality to the Challenge Systems. They are now accessable and completable, with a unique "chest" system that gives the player a near-guaranteed chance of a few rare items. These scale with difficulty; the hardest challenge, which I'm not sure is even possible to complete, will give the champion group one or two rare ship power supplies. I (or someone else) will be implementing more unique items for these bosses at a later date.
-- Re-implemented all radiation zones in all systems. I plan on re-implementing planet and star damage so that you can not fly so close to either, however that will require a little more work.
-- Fixed up several jumphole orientations in Alaska.
-- Stations, docking rings, etc. now dock full reputation when killed, like previous RCs.
-- Implemented M0tah's fix to correct the issue where explosions would sometimes not damage large ships. This corrects issues with Torpedoes (or missiles for that matter) sometimes not damaging larger craft.
-- Player-Purchasable Base Defenders no longer drop Credit Chips when killed, to fix some exploit concerns.
-- Fixed up some oddities with patrol_path spawning, thanks to Vital.
-- Fixed up an issue with DofodBot; for some reason AI really do not like power modulators mounted and will just cruise around in straight lines. It's why DofodBot never did anything other than cruise around, really.
-- Nomad Fighter strafing speed reduced to 50%, like other VHFs.
-- Corrected some issues with the Hivemind Tunnels challenge system (several mine tunnels were out of place).
-- Credit Chips, Un-Assisted Kill Tokens, and special Boss Tokens can no longer be destroyed by weapons fire.
-- Nomad Fighter now has 15000 armor, 10 Nanobots and 40hp/s hull regeneration.
-- Corrected an issue with Nomad Fighter Particle Splitter description, which stated the weapon required 60 seconds of charge-up time. This is an old fact from before weapon delay was displayed, and the weapon only in fact requires 20 seconds.
-- Improvements to Battleship/Station anti-spin protection. Spinning should no longer be an issue at all when colliding with players or NPCs.
-- Due to improvements with anti-spin protection, NPCs are no longer pushed as far when colliding a large ship with them.
-- Corrected issues with custom AI Companion bots piloting Battleships/Stations not working correctly.
-- Slight buff to missile refire times.
-- Added axoxa's JFLP plugin to allow built-in widescreen support. It will add your desktop's current resolution to the game's resolution listing; if you wish to use a widescreen resolution different from your desktop resolution, it will need to be manually specified under the [Display] section of "My Documents\My Games\Freelancer\PerfOptions.ini"
-- Removed the FOV options; FOV is now handled directly by JFLP based on your screen aspect ratio.
-- Rare Armors have been re-added back into the game, bringing the rare item total to 94. Rare Armor is restricted to fighters only. Trade Ships, Capital Ships and Nomads are unable to mount armor.
-- Capital Ships are now sold at Player-Purchasable Bases, to allow pirates slightly easier access without being limited to only rare ships or Mobile Stations.
-- Ship infocards cleaned up a little.
-- AI Tweaks. Normal AI have eased up a little bit on their shooting, but have more challenging movement abilities. All AI will never "idle" (fly aimlessly in a striaght line) in combat anymore, but instead will be constantly maneuvering to get a better position. AI also make more efficient use of thrusters and strafe, and can circle-strafe targets now.
-- Scanners have been slightly rebalanced. The default scanner now has a 10k scan range, which climbs up 3k each rare scanner. This makes each scanner rare slightly more worth the upgrade if you care where absolutely every ship around you is, and helps reduce contact list clutter for those who don't care and just use the normal scanner.
-- Added new Explosion Vulnerability stat to Thrusters, to further differentiate their combat effectiveness. Theoretically, fuel-efficient thrusters are most effective versus gun-only loadouts, but vulnerable to missile-heavy loadouts.
-- Capital Ship Primary Turrets are now more accurate, to help hit smaller Cruisers and Gunboats. They're still a poor choice for anti-fighter, however.
-- Slightly improved Capital Ship AI.
-- Raised reputation gain for Zoners from killing Nomads. Since Nomads are the Zoners' only real enemy, they really appreciate you mopping them up.
-- Repuation list extensively cleaned up - player-purchasable stations and AI Bots are no longer shown on the reputation list. (StoryFactions plugin from Adoxa)
-- Rolling controls now function while Mouse Flight is active (from JFLP, thanks Adoxa!)
-- Rolling controls can now be properly assigned to a Shift/Ctrl + (key) combination (before, they would activate when pressing the key, even if Shift/Ctrl wasn't held down).
-- Halved reputation change from killing players.
-- Full docking system overhaul, thanks to adoxa (again). Fighters now dock/launch to/from hangars, Transports / Trains now moor to small mooring points, and Capital Ships / Stations anchor to the familiar point 1km above stations.
-- Bases now scramble fighters from their hangers while under attack. Bases actually always launched fighters, but it was difficult to notice since all bases used the 1k-above-station point for all ships.
-- New Mooring Fixture for planets that Transport / Capital Ship / Station pilots will use for planetside business.
-- Added adoxa's chatlog DLL, so in-game chat is now logged to exe\ingamechat.txt
-- Players now show up under the "ships" radar filter (for those whom like to track friendly NPCs and players at the same time)
-- Screen shaking on hit has been removed, because w0dk4's the man.
-- Damage indicators re-added.
-- Thrusters have been tweaked. They can no longer burn for nearly as long, but recharge slightly quicker.
-- Nomad Fighter Thruster reworked. It now provides a signifigant boost of speed, but only for a single second, and takes 5 seconds to recharge to full fuel.
-- Turning rate of Capital Ship missile turrets increased somewhat.
-- Missile sounds are now activated with High-End Sound option, not High-End FX.
-- Alaska has been redesigned. The Prison Station Mitchell Complex is just the single prison again, and Juneau Shipyard is now dockable / sells all stations.
-- Turn ship keys (bindable in options) now function while in Turret View, because adoxa's the man too. This means that, using Turret View, you can shoot and steer in two different directions at once.
-- Maximum number of characters per account is now 8.
-- Minor easter egg added. :P
-- Removed several non-important options to clean up the options list a little - High-End Asteroids were removed (now on by default), dynamic light + debris were merged into High-End Effects
-- Corrected an issue where (very rarely) a 3rd StilBot or Grim's Green AI Bot could appear. (these bots should only appear in pairs)
-- Freelance factions re-worked. The Lawful / Unlawful FL "factions" have been removed, instead giving rise to more simple "Freelance" NPCs of varying legality.
-- Slightly faster mod activation/deactivation times.
-- New Ship Selector addon - the Player-Purchasable Base Ship Selection options have been moved to a seperate addon that may be reactivated independantly of the main 88 Flak mod. This will allow quick changes to ships sold at your P-Base without having to reactivate the whole mod.
-- Liners can now only carry 1 fighter at a time. Battleships remain at 4 fighters and Stations remain at 8.
-- Bounty Hunter wingmen can now be hired near local police bases.
-- Smoother chase camera operation - it should now be much easier to control the Capital Ship camera when shooting targets.
-- Launching from a base now always spawns that base's wingmen.
-- Aiming lead indicator is now drawn on solar objects (stations, jumpgates, etc.)
-- LF steering rates decreased slightly to make the craft more controllable.
-- CSV cargo space has been reduced to 30, from 35.
-- Armor values have been majorly rebalanced; LFs/PLFs are now at 10000 armor, HFs at 11000, VHFs at 18000, and Freighters at 40000. Freighters now have more base armor than VHFs, since they are so slow and otherwise useless in any sort of combat.
-- Torpedo explosion radius decreased to 120m, from 180m.
-- AI Battleships may now appear more often.
-- Thruster output has been decreased to slow combat down a little; before, ships moved so fast that it was too difficult to properly hit targets with weapons fire.
-- Overhauled Nanobot / Shield Battery repair system. Now instead of many small repairs, ships instead only get 1 or 2 full repairs. This means pilots using lighter shields should rely more on the shield's quick offline times, while pilots using heavier shields should rely more on the single full shield heal.
-- Minimum offline time of rare shield capacity addon rares increased by 1.5x - they now range from 3s to 45s minimum offline time. This means if you're using something huge like a +15000 rare capacity addon, your shield will be down for very extended periods of time (however, a Shield Battery will restore it to full once).
-- LFs and PLFs now have increased power supply output. Their class limits on weapons have not changed.
-- Fixed erronous stats with the Nomad Gunboat weaponry.
-- Ranges of Small Capital turrets have been halved. Small Capitals will now have to move in closer in order to engage Large Capital vessels.
-- Station speeds have been dramatically reduced, but their hitpoints raised; they are now properly suited as defensive support ships.
-- Big pursuit lights removed from most PLFs; house PLFs (Patriot, Cavelier, Drake and Banshee) have new lightbars that look better.
-- Fixed up Trade Lane Buoy reputations in the Independant World systems.
-- Removed the 30/20 FPS cap normally enforced by lowering ingame graphics settings.
-- Fixed very rare instances where players could lose Cloaking Devices on their ships due to repeated explosion damage.
-- Bretonia VHF renamed to "Paladin" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paladin - Cavelier -> Crusader -> Paladin)
-- Rheinland VHF renamed to "Deimos" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deimos_%28mythology%29 - Banshee (Irish) -> Valkyrie (Norse) -> Deimos (Greek))
-- Fixed the issue where VHF fins on some ships would not show up on base.
-- Pursuit LFs have been tweaked to now carry 2 Cruise Disruptor launchers (which CMs will have a difficult time against), making them the ultimate interception vessels.
-- Fixed up sun ring placement in Tau-31.
-- Ship repair costs raised from 1% to 4%. Death Penalty costs raised from 5% to 6%.
-- Engines have been rebalanced. The power bonus/penalty to speed penalty/bonus ratio is now 40%, instead of 50%, and the stats have been redistributed.
-- Large Transports and Trains now cost considerably more money (3x as much as a small Transport or Train). This means their death penalty is 3x as much as well, presenting traders with considerably more financial risk trading in these vessels.
-- Freighter power supplies have been beefed up to make the ships more worthwhile.
-- Proper NPC Countermeasure usage, thanks to adoxa. AI now properly deploy CMs when missiles are incoming.
-- Nomad Pulse Emitter, a ship-specific countermeasure, added to the Nomad Fighters. This makes them effectively immune to missile attacks unless launched from a very close range; guns will be the most effective for taking out these targets.
-- Trade Lane Buoys now deal 1/2 damage and have 1/2 health. However, they are no longer permenantly destroyed, and can be repaired by either Repair Ships or over a long period of time.
-- Upgraded AI Cruise Disruptor usage. You'll have to proceed much more carefully move around hostile patrols to avoid being disrupted.
-- Decreased armor values of trade vessels - 310000 for Trains (6 gun mounts), 320000 for Transports / Lifter (5 gun mounts), 350000 for Armored (6 fighter gun mounts). This equates to approximately 2 Sunslayer Torpedoes + random gunfire to take down these vessels.
-- Fixed an exploit related to mounting extra equipment on your ship.
-- Freighter cargo space upgraded to 150 to make them more worthwhile as solo traders compared to Transports.
-- Asteroids now have more mass and take a few shots to blow up, thanks to adoxa.
-- AI now only use Torpedoes on Transports, Capital Ships, and Stations. No more Torpedo spam on fighters.
-- Nomad Splitter and Pulse Emitter (new CM) now available at Nomad shops, incase you for whatever reason lose the items and need to replace them.
-- Added adoxa's HUD shifting module for better widescreen support. Added screen ratio and widescreen vertical HUD fix options.
-- Transports and Capital Ships are now prioritized by AI NPCs loaded for such engagements (such as carrying Torpedoes, Anti-Capital Turrets, etc.). This includes other NPCs and players alike.
-- Targeting priorities of AI Companion Bots can now be individually set on each bot.
-- Roaming AI Bots are now more loyal to those that help them out; if you become friendly with an AI Bot, it won't hate you as quickly for killing its faction's NPCs, and it will be more likely to help you out even if it means shooting allies.
-- Decreased grace period time of fighter deaths by half a second (so, 2s to 1.5s) to make healing in the grace period more risky.
-- Redesigned AI Companion Bot Addon option screen - among other things (such as useful roles displayed), you can now hit space on any option to reset it to default (in this case, clear bot selection for current slot), which should make the menu a little quicker to use.
-- Fixed an issue with the orientation of headlights on Corsair ships (was a Vanilla bug).
-- All missiles have a slightly smaller FOV and tracking speed to coincide with reduced thruster speeds, since the supposedly slow-turning missiles were still difficult to dodge in a PLF or LF. This also makes homing missiles a more worthwhile choice for reliability.
-- Tweaked spawning. Rarer stuff like AI Bots and Capital Fleets will appear more often and there is no longer a 40 second "spawn rhythm". Instead, the spawns cycle through at uneven time intervals, allowing more "organic" spawning.
-- Nomad Wingmen counts have been reduced to 3.
-- Fixed 113 cases where solars (bases, depots, etc.) had no pilots assigned and should have (vanilla bug).
-- Missile damages have been tweaked to reflect the new ship armor values and be more balanced with guns.
-- Firing cone of Battleship Flak Turrets decreased, with shell detonation range and explosion radius decreased as well. This tightens up the Flak Turrets to help reduce accidental friendly fire incidents.
-- Damage of Battleship Flak Turrets decreased as well to offset the new, low armor values of fighters.
-- Firing cone of Gunboat/Cruiser/Destroyer Defense Turrets increased, to help offset the low armor values and better suit their role as defensive turrets. Plus they look cooler like that.
-- Better effects for the Gunboat/Cruiser/Destroyer Defense Turrets.
-- Capital Forward Guns received a large damage buff, but have had energy damages removed.
-- Rare Sniper Turrets have been tweaked. They now deal 3800 hull damage (38% of a LF's armor), but have a 7s refire time. Considering they never miss with a 5.1km range, they're still worthwhile weapon choices (especially when grouped), but will suffer in tight melee combat.
-- Particle Splitter Tweaked; it now has a 1440 range with 720 muzzle velocity, but damage decreased to 200k. It is equivalent to shooting two Sunslayers that can not be intercepted.
-- Spawning Buoy added to NPC Arenas to mark where AI Bots actually spawn.
-- Possible fix to some of the rare client-crash issues, particularly those related to debris when using High-End FX.
-- Increased Credit Chip drop amounts.
-- Zoners now trade commodities around.
-- Fixed an issue with new character creation possibly resulting in a ban if Ioncross had "Ban UNKNOWN Equipment" checked - items were declared as plaintext nicknames in new character files, while Ioncross was expecting a hash (like in normal character files).
-- 3D Sound Notice on new character launch has been changed to a more helpful "Getting Started" thing.
-- Re-hardpointed Thruster models to look a little better.
-- Removed white-box missile option due to crash exploit.
-- Improved the quality of generic damage and station death fuses.
-- Added some new sounds, namely missile and afterburner sounds from Freespace.
-- Docking Rings redesigned; Orbital Defense Turrets are now only located on the external platforms and the ring itself is armed with anti-fighter turrets.

RC130 (01/30/10):
-- Removed the tutorial script, as was not working very well with high player counts and may have been leading to crashes (this was the RC129 Hotfix Patch).
-- Fixed the in-game 3D Sound Notice.
-- Roaming AI Bot presence has been increased. Bot relations are now a little more important.
-- Adjustments to the AI chase-targets-in-cruise behavior that should help stop some of the random NPC disappearance issues.
-- Improved the general responsiveness of death fuses. Effects now start as soon as the death fuse starts, and while the effect firing remains randomized, there is always an explosion right at the start of the fuse.
-- Tweaked spawning rates of AI VHFs - they now only spawn in select positions of assault/defense wings, balancing AI groups a little more.
-- AI Bot donations are now cheaper, and will appear more often.
-- Player-Purchasable Bases are approximately $4.4 million.
-- All Player-Purchasable Bases are now armed with anti-fighter support Small Capitals. Before, some were armed with support Battleships or even support Mobile Stations, which weren't very effective anti-fighter defense.
-- Corrected an issue where reputations would not change when playing an OpenSP game.
-- The Storage Depot now only travels at 250m/s when in cruise (1/3 of full cruise speed).
-- Fixed a bug where the Bretonia Destroyer had a 4s cruise charge time, instead of 8s like all other capitals.
-- VHFs now have a 4s cruise charge time, decreased from 8s.
-- Transports and Liners now only regenerate 10% of their power regen while in cruise, similar to Capital Ships.
-- Multi-instance support removed.
-- Fixed some ugly hardpointing with Sniper Turret weapon models.
-- Added a high-end asteroid fields option that renders more asteroids at greater distances.
-- Fixed rare scanners and rare ship tokens not being automatically marked.
-- Credit Chips are now always dropped from NPC Capital Ships, regardless of rather players did most of the damage or not. Since you'll usually have AI assistance engaging Capitals, this makes it a little more worth it.
-- Random loot (including rares) should now drop from Transports and Capital Ships like it's supposed to.
-- NPC ranks are now organized by ship class, increasing by size / bulk - PLFs are 1, LFs are 2, Freighters are 5, Large Capitals are 8, etc. This should make it much easier to distinguish your target at a moment's glance, especially if you forget which ships are what.
-- NPC rank titles are now based around their task, instead of an arbitrary title of "Rookie," "Veteran," etc. Instead, they now carry more descriptive titles such as "Patroller," "Raider," "Hauler," "Forager," etc.
-- AI are now a little sharper with missile evasion. While normal NPCs aren't changed much, AI Bots (or Hard Mode AI) will now only enter drastic evasion if under a swarm of incoming ordinance (before, you could break off their attacks and give yourself breathing room by firing only a single missile).
-- Total death fuse time for fighters extended to 4 seconds, extending the pull-out-of-death timeframe (time you can use a Nanobot after 0 health to save yourself) to 2 seconds.
-- Ships now catch fire at 1/2 health, and again at 1/4 health, instead of arbitrary values before. This applies to all ships, including Capital Ships and Liners, which previously only caught fire when near death.
-- Random server crashes in damage-handling code (HkCb_AddDmgEntry in FLHook) fixed.
-- Server crash related to /rename fixed.
-- Fixed a glitch where Challenge Systems could not be entered, even if the correct amount of Credit Chips were held.
-- Base shield damage is now 35% of a weapon's hull damage, decreased from 40%. This gives the basic end effect of increased shield capacity / regen (rares included), without needing to raise power demands of shields (as they're very carefully balanced in power usage with rare items).
-- Shield resistances are now more important; using a weapon against a shield resistant to that weapon type will now reduce damage by 30% (previously 20%), and using a weapon against a shield weak to that weapon type will increase damage by 50% (previously 20%).
-- Pulse weapon resistances / affinities removed - in other words, Graviton Shields are no longer strong against Pulse weapons, and Positron Shields are no longer weak against Pulse weapons.
-- Shield Batteries have been toned down; they now only replenish 750 shield per battery (decreased 25% from 1000).
-- Slightly decreased the annoying amounts of Molly / IMG empathy. They now share an empathy amount similar to Xenos / IMG.
-- Changed the reputation of two Trade Lane Buoy WPs in Sigma-13, as there were GMG buoys next to an ALG / Military outpost that were always fighting (GMG and Rheinland hate eachother).
-- The Nomad bribe will now always appear on the Nomad Buoys.
-- Gas Pocket fields are now mineable again.
-- The Rogue Drail is now correctly classed as a Class 2 weapon (mistakenly classed as a Class 3 with a price tag to match, despite carrying Class 2 stats).
-- The default NPC density has been raised. Player AI Wingmen now come in squads of either 4 fighters or 1 capital / 1 fighter.
-- All storyline holes have been locked, as there was too much trading abuse.
-- Raised reputation requirements of commodities.
-- Removed faction-join bribes from bartenders. Full reputation must now be earned in merit, not in cash.
-- Corrected some minor issues with rare Nomad weaponry (Nomad Prototype, Nomad Energy Cannon, etc.)
-- Added a selectable ship slot at Player-Purchasable Bases - you can now define two ships sold at PBases, instead of just one.
-- Major improvements to the AI Wingmen system; AI wingmen will follow more responsively.
-- Fixed an issue where you would randomly collide with an invisible object when using AI Wingmen - Wingmen can now be properly used with the Sleeper Ship, most Stations, etc. That object is actually the squad leader for the wingmen, which controls when the wingmen should attack and when they should return to you; it is now always intangible.
-- Somewhat fixed the issue where, if you jumped systems, your next AI Wingmen squad would be in a strange formation until you docked at a base.
-- The explosion radius for missiles has been slightly reduced; this will have no affect on actual missile performance, but should stop accidentally tagging nearby neutral ships in the explosion (and thus turning them hostile).
-- Torpedo tracking rates have been increased (half-way in-between RC129 and RC126 values).
-- Improvements to the Liberty Cruiser and Forward Guns - now, when using the Liberty FG on the Liberty Cruiser, the cruiser's built-in gun is used as a firing point. Any other weapon mounted to that slot will be placed at an actual point.
-- Small optimization to system structure (slightly fewer zones to process; the AI Companion Bot now uses 51 paths instead of 101 - far optimized over the first 204)
-- The Liberty Gunboat, modeled by Why485 and imported with assistance from MegalodonEC, has been added to the game.
-- Large ships (Transports, Capital Ships, etc.) now have a small degree of banking to assist in turning, which should help eliminate Capital Ship fights degrading into simply turning down all the time.
-- 10x LOD functionality reworked - it now correctly displays all objects at exactly 10x their vanilla distance without screwing up on single-LOD meshes (Serafina, new Liberty Gunboat, etc.). It also no longer erroneously renders certain objects at 20-100x distance (error in LOD calculation formula). Overall, it looks a little uglier, but is far more efficient.
-- Security ratings now have slightly more impact on spawning rates - particularly in High Security systems (before, there wasn't too much of a difference between a High Security and Low Security system). Core Security systems are unchanged.
-- Storage Depots are now only sold in Alaska. The Repair Ship is now featured at the starting base.
-- Storage Depots can no longer purchase trade commodities (Credit Chips etc. do not apply).
-- Slightly increased the amount of loot dropped from minable asteroids.
-- Fixed an issue where multiplayer mission scripts would not restart properly if you clicked "Respawn" too quickly after death.
-- Cardamine and Alien Artifacts now take up slightly more cargo space. It may be more profitable to experiment trading with other commodities instead.
-- Re-hardpointed the Nomad Fighter with wider firing arc for its weapons, and to be slightly less ugly when shooting.
-- The Nomad Buoy now defends itself from attack.
-- Removed the annoying AI Bot / Wingmen death messages.
-- AI Traders now make more intelligent combat decisions. If a large enemy wing approaches that looks too intimidating, they'll immediately attempt to flee the fight.
-- Since Nomads are hostile to everything, Nomad AI wingmen squads now come with a few more ships, since the standard wingmen squad will simply get mowed down by the overwhelming number of hostiles.
-- Target marks now play sounds instead of printing "OK" for confirmation. Sounds are also played when another group member group-marks a target.
-- Switched the sounds of the bottom three laser classes. That weaksauce "pew pew!" sound fits Class 1s a lot more than it does Class 2s and 3s. =P
-- Lower-class weapons now have a slightly quicker rate of fire; higher-class weapons now have a slightly slower rate of fire. Class 4 weapons have not changed, and were used as a base for the refire curve. To sum it up, the damage gap between classes has narrowed; a Class 1 gives 50% of the output of a Class 4, instead of 25% of the output.
-- Grazing a neutral NPC with a Missile or Torpedo will no longer turn them insta-hostile. Instead, you'll receive friendly fire warnings before they take action.
-- Fixed an issue where players could sometimes become permanently hostile to Abandoned objects.
-- Added a blurb in the readme for Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2), which apparently corrects most issues with Freelancer on Vista.
-- Halved the fire rate of Sniper Turrets (rare) and Orbital Defense Turrets (used by docking rings etc.)
-- New free-floating gun fixtures added to Docking Rings to give them more coverage.
-- Reward for killing Docking Rings / Orbital Cannon Fixtures greatly increased.
-- Unless repaired manually, Weapons Platforms, Stations, etc. will now take 15 minutes to repair, and will only repair to 20% health.
-- The standard Tractor beam will never be confiscated on Death Penalty. Rare Tractors may still be confiscated.
-- Fixed issue where Cruise Disruptors would not actually disrupt cruise.
-- Added a blurb in Torpedo infocards explaining how only direct missile hits will cause early detonation.
-- Nomad Fighter Particle Splitter muzzle velocity doubled.
-- Power regeneration rates of Capital Ships, Stations / WPs, Transports and Liners have been increased.
-- Power usages of all missile launchers decreased; they are now a function of 1/10 their damage output, instead of arbitrary numbers.
-- Killing NPCs now invokes the built-in reputation change method instead of FLHook reputation change, since it seems a little more stable (and to maintain OpenSP compatibility); killing Stations etc. still invokes FLHook-based reputation change.
-- Added a "Torpedoes Only" selection to the "Draw white boxes around missiles/mines?" option.
-- Corrected rampant misspelling of "torpedoes" as "torpedos." Durp.
-- PvP protection from undocking increased to 30 seconds.
-- Tweaks made to Torpedoes. Starkillers now have a 4500m range, while Sunslayers have a 6000m range and 10% better tracking. This opens up the tactical possibility of using Sunslayers for long-range single-torpedo bombing, while Starkillers remain good for short-range multi-torpedo bombing.
-- Better hitbox for the Serafina.
-- Optimizations to filesize for sounds played by High-End FX missiles.
-- Jump Gates and Jump Holes are now a little harder to disable (2x hitpoints, Jump Gates now have a shield), but will stay disabled for the full 15 minute base repair time unless manually repaired early. This means you can effectively isolate players / NPCs in a system, unless they have a Repair Turret on them.
-- The "Launch Mines" control now repeats when held down (you can hold down "Launch Mines" to continuously launch mines, similar to holding down "Launch Missiles" to continuously launch missiles).
-- Fixed a bizarre issue with Mines where, when fired from weapon control, could be launched in any direction.
-- Added 4 new Unlawful starting jumpholes, with a corrosponding base that automatically sets your reputation to that of a pirate when docked with; no bribes or anything needed.
-- Removed reputation requirements for Nanobots and Shield Batteries.
-- Decreased reputation requirements for all other items.

RC129 (10/11/09):
-- Major improvements to functionality and stability of MP mission scripting, thanks to M0tah.
-- Fixed the death_comm related bug.
-- Removed the tips section from the death message text, as the tips text from the F5 tips screen is shown right below it.
-- Currently active server options are now reported to the bottom of the F5 tips screen, so you don't have to make a new character to see which options are enabled.
-- Torpedo splash damage radius has been halved from 360m to 180m.
-- The Player-Carrier stat displayed on ships now displays rather that ship can actually dock on player-carriers or not.
-- Nomad Fighters now have a 20 Nanobot limit, raised from 10 (which was mistakenly 5 in the actual code, oops!). They also regenerate hull at 80hp/s, raised from 60hp/s.
-- Repair Ship self-repair now repairs 100hp/s, raised from 80hp/s.
-- Power Modulators now grant small amounts of hull regneration (5hp/s and 10hp/s respectively), so that putting a single dent in your ship no longer requires you to use Nanobots or go repair.
-- Nomad Fighter weaponry has been buffed. It now deals more damage, and carries a faster firing rate.
-- Adjustments made to price of various trade ships. The Large Transport / Train & Heavy Lifter, as well as the two Liners, are all $1,000,000 more (adding $50,000 to their Death Penalties). This was done to make trading in a Small Transport / Train - even though they are inferior traders - more worthwhile and cost-effective to pilot as a low-risk trader.
-- Player-Purchasable bases now correctly sell the Order Shield and Order Thruster (which is needed, as that's one of the few ways to obtain such items).
-- The Faction Tag Removal guy has been turned into a "Mysterious Vendor" (sells all Player-Purchasable Bases, as well as some other goodies).
-- Player-Purchasable Base offers now list the system where the PBase you're about to purshase resides.
-- Challenge systems are now based on a Credit Chip requirement, rather than Kill Tokens. Perhaps everybody's precious cash reserves will actually be useful again. ;)
-- VHFs can now mount regular weaponry over the CD/Torpedo mount. The power supply, however, has not been increased, so overloading your VHF may not be wise.
-- Ships are now automatically untargeted when they pass the death-revive threshold.
-- Re-organization to the mission script structure. This fixes an issue with the F5 tips screen printing multiple times.
-- A Class 5 EMP Missile, the Decimator Missile (Eraser -> Sweeper -> Neutralizer -> Paralyzer -> Decimator). Although the EMP missiles were previously classed as Class 2-5, they were in reality Class 1-4, so the Decimator rounds out the EMP line.
-- Missile, CD, Mine, and Torpedo prices have been adjusted to be more reasonable. Previously, a single launcher was sometimes worth upwards of $250,000.
-- Doubled damage of all guns, as guns were on the weaker side in general - missiles have not been changed. However, all power usages of guns have been doubled as well.
-- Less stupid positioning of added fins on the Covenanter and Hydra VHFs.
-- Added option to enable higher effect view distances but not the new effects themselves when using High-End FX.
-- Better Cruise Disruption effects (now colored by engine color).
-- The high-end damage effect now correctly only plays when High-End FX is activated. This should result in a large performance gain for those computers that don't use / can't quite handle High-End FX.
-- High-resolution textures are no longer applied if High-End FX is not selected. This should result in a large performance gain for those computers that don't use / can't quite handle High-End FX.
-- Major shield power draw rebalances. Shields are now balanced to the rare item formula of 5 Shield Regen = 1 Power Regen, and 100 Shield Capacity = 1 Power Regen.
-- Shields have been majorly reworked, with low-class shields having a higher regen:capacity ratio and a low offline time, and high-class shields having a higher capacity:regen ratio and a long offline time - this makes low-class shields best against missile assaults, while high-class shields are best against sustained damage.
-- Rare items have been slightly rebalanced. If you're looking to finely tune your shield capacity/regeneration : power draw ratio, it is now much more efficient to do so via use of rare items - to the point where it's worth combining a low-class shield and capacity/regen rares to "make" a high-class shield. Before, if trying to save power, it was always far more efficient to simply drop a shield class.
-- The Light / Heavy Power Modulators now grant 200 / 400 added power regen, respectively, decreased from 300 / 600.
-- Fixed an issue with AI Companion Bots ignoring your selected engagement settings (they were stuck on always engaging hostile targets, even if you picked "always engage unlawfuls" etc.)
-- The 3D Sound Notice now displays when you launch from the n00b Base, since people seem to miss it in the menu.
-- Tweaked behavior of the Wasp / Nomad Cruise Disruptor and the Hornet. The Wasp / NCD is now a very agile, short-range CD missiles (4.5km range), while the Hornet is a slower, long-range CD missile (8.5km range) with a wide area of effect.
-- The debris option is no longer marked as "slightly unstable", as it appears RC128's stability fix did the trick.
-- Increased the amount of shielding given from a Shield Battery to 1000, from 750.
-- Lowered the resolution of Why485's High-End FX smoke effect, which should result in a large FPS gain with minimal quality loss when using High-End FX.
-- AI weapon usage has been slightly scaled back to ease up the difficulty a little. AI Bots remain unchanged.
-- Commodities can no longer be traded in Alaska and subsequently linked systems, to correct trading exploits (and if you eject Commodities in these systems, they will be placed back in your hold). All other item types (normal items, rares, etc.) can all still be traded normally.
-- Added four contrails to the Serafina, since it was lacking 'em entirely.
-- Stations, Weapons Platforms, etc. all affect your reputation when killed - the amount of reputation drop is multiplied by the severity of the attack and the importance of the target - killing common NPCs is worth a fair amount of reputation, killing Players / AI Bots is worth a large amount of reputation, and killing Stations / WPs is worth a huge amount of reputation. If you single-handedly slaugter a Station, you will go from full friendly to nearly hostile for that faction (with relevant reputation changes applied to allies etc. as well)
-- Reputation drop is now roughly based off the formula "inflicted damage on target / total damage on target" - meaning, if you only inflict 20% of the damage to a ship, you will only receive 20% of the full rep drop - but if you single-handedly butcher a target, you will receive a full rep drop (roughly 22.5% of the rep bar depending on target).
-- Death messages are now shown when Stations, AI Wingmen, and AI Bots are killed - "A Navy Patriot was killed by a 3 Rogue ships with guns and missiles / torpedoes.", "foxBot was killed by DeathFlier with guns.", etc.
-- Bribes for Nomads are now only offered by the robot in Nomad Buoys - you can no longer take the bribe on the neutral easter-egg planets.
-- Added 26 AI Bots to the AI Companion roster, increasing the number of selectable AI Companions to 30 unique bots spannning a total of 52 different loadout selections to add to your AI Companion squad.
-- 88 Flak ST music is now handled in a seperate music_st.ini activated by the ST, which will stop "Missing Sound File" errors when the ST is not activated.
-- All 30 unique bots now have individual bot mini-factions and can be seen roaming the universe.
-- Certain AI Bots now occupy their time trading various goods.
-- Player-Purchasable Bases now sell all fighters and transports - there is a new mod option that will allow you to select the ship sold for you at Player-Purchasable Bases.
-- AI are now more likely to assist you / other friendlies in a distant fight (before, they'd always ignore fights in progress when far away).
-- Bot AI / Hard Mode AI now have slightly slower repair usage times, instead of slightly quicker repair usage times, as delaying before Nanobot or Shield Battery presses is actually more efficient for AI usage. Before, they were using them too quickly and weren't always getting the full benefit per-Nanobot/Battery.
-- Better commodity market data for Ryuku Base and Heaven's Gate (real name of Tekagi's Base) in the Tohoku system. Before, they were treated as misc/rare bases in the commodity market, with all commodities sold for near-nothing.
-- Better explosions for Nomad Fighter, Gunboat, and Battleship. The explosion creates nomad-y trails instead of fire/smoke trails, which suits the ships a little more. The nomad-y trails were given to all Nomad equipment as well.
-- 8-Way Strafe plugin added courtesy of Adoxa. This allows vertical strafing to be used in tandem with horizontal strafing.
-- Reorganized the SourceFiles folder; placed all files in folders by author.
-- Player tags are now handled manually; you may set your tag with /tag (faction), for example "/tag Liberty Navy". Purchasing an operative tag with no other tag present will still change your tag as always.
-- Added another title song / screen.
-- Added a fully-featured, in-game scripted multiplayer tutorial that fires when you create a new character. It guides you through basic 1v1 and 4v4 combat with AI, as well as advanced features like faction tags, cloaks, mobile docking, the death penalty, and target marking. You can complete this tutorial with other players.
-- Large readme overhauls.
-- Price of Trade Ships (Transports, Trains, Liners, etc.), Capital Ships, WPs, and Stations all tripled. Beware, as this also (almost) triples their Death Penalty as well. Clear tactical judgement is now required for use of these vessels, since death with them is a much bigger deal than it was before.
-- Price of Nomad Fighter reduced from $6,000,000 to $1,400,000. Its Death Penalty should be much lower.
-- Resorted and easier-to-use options script.
-- Added Honken's work-in-progress post process shader - select "version 2.0" in the post-process option to use it. "Version 1.0" uses the traditional post-process.
-- Explosion radius of Capital Ship Missiles doubled.
-- The Nomad Buoy is now treated like any other base, and can be destroyed, with a normal repair cycle.
-- Pursuit LFs now have less armor than regular LFs, with 10000 armor (decreased from 12500) and a 20 max Battery / Nanobot limit (decreased from 25).

RC128 (07/28/09):
-- Removed a faulty mission script trigger that was used in testing, which caused "mTriggers are Active" to popup whenever a player changed characters, and also caused a bit of lag.
-- Fixed engines not being sold in Player-Purchasable Bases, an oversight from the last RC's market changes.
-- Fixed awful weapon placement on the Covenanter, as well as contrails being faulty. Don't know what happened there.
-- Repair Ship now features automatic self-repair (80 hull/sec).
-- Nomad Fighter weaponry weakened to balance out the ship a little more.
-- Fixed poor weapon placement on the Eagle. Its 360* mount could in reality only turn 120*.
-- Nomad Fighter now only carries 10 Nanobots, instead of 40 - it can pull out of a single missile hit, but that's about it.
-- Storage Depot now has 3,000,000 health instead of a mere 300,000 - doesn't matter for PvP (as they have an Anti-PvP Token mounted), but this should help stop a single Sunslayer from an NPC sinking your bank.
-- Raised Torpedo explosion radius to fix certain exploits.
-- Removed armor regen from Nomad Gunboat and Nomad Battleship.
-- Possible improvements to stability of debris.
-- Jump Gates and Jump Holes are now much weaker and more susceptible to being shut down. When trading, bringing along an auxiliary Repair Turret may not be the worst idea, in the event the Jump Gate / Jump Hole collapses while you're under attack.
-- Any hull regeneration for a ship is listed under Added / Included Equipment.
-- Added a small cone of fire to the Sniper Turrets - this should help them hit hull a bit more.
-- Small tweaks and improvements to all death fuses. The timeframe to use a Nanobot as you're dieing (to save yourself) has been slightly lengthened to account for possible server lag.
-- System security ratings now have more weight in determining what spawns.
-- Fixed "Unlawful Freelance Operative" token not being sold at Player-Purchasable Bases.
-- Fixed a crash that occured if you blew up one of the new Nomad Asteroids.
-- Fixed New York weirdness. If you clicked a commodity and clicked "Trade Routes", NY bases would not show in the list.
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Post by BountyHunter-1156d » Thu Dec 21, 2006 12:44 am

Seconds after the Posting BH-1156DL is on the scene scraching his head... dang man i'm been asleep to long need to jump back on, oh now i remeber been waiting for the sever to catch up to my version while i try (not to great) keeping up with the RC updates...

GREAT JOB FOX YET AGAIN FLAK IN StILL AROUND AND is defying the freelancer physics with flak
8) sucking up for all the flak is dead coments
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Post by Captain_Trent » Sun Dec 24, 2006 9:14 am

Good Morning to some, and good after noon to others or evening to everyone else, where ever you live in this cool universe.
I just wanted everyone to know that I will be keeping the server up and running 24/7 till I get the new parts for my other computer (which will be about 4-6 weeks), at which point I will have to shut it down for about an hour or two and then it will be back up when I am done. I will let everyone know through here as well as on the server before I shut it down for my computer up-grades.
Otherwise enjoy the new mod and hope to see many of you on after Christmas.
Marry Christmas to all and hope for the best in the new year! :D

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Post by fox » Sun Dec 24, 2006 10:52 pm


No really, have a merry Christmas everybody (if you celebrate it, otherwise happy whatever-it-is =P), and a happy new years.

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Post by fox » Mon Jan 01, 2007 11:28 pm

Happy 2007 everyone, hope you all had a fun and safe new years. I personally spent the night with some friends, and while we didn't party hard, it was a good time. =P

To be honest Flak testing has, like, not happened. I've done a few tweaks here and there, and tested some, however I have had practically no time for Flak between work and visiting out-of-state reletives (fun stuff). To the best of my knowledge, no-one else had much time to test either. It was not in vain though, because there was one night where 2 people and I found and crushed a rather large bug - a mistake on my part that caused NPCs to only spawn around one player at a time, a side-effect of the new AI companion bots for solo-play. Flak in general is looking quite stable and ready for release, which I'll consider after the 24/7 server is worked out.

Well, I'm out. Gotta drag my lazy bum out of bed for school tomarrow morning. Hurrah. At least I don't have class until 9:20 AM, but still. Urgh.
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Post by Captain_Trent » Wed Jan 03, 2007 4:35 am

Hello, Sorry people I have been around, but I had to do a few minor repairs to my system. I will have the server up and running till I have to put in the watercooling system; however, everything should be ok till then.
See you all in space soon.

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Post by Outsider » Wed Jan 03, 2007 12:08 pm

fox Unit 01 wrote:It was not in vein though, because there.....
*cough* *snicker* Aha.. HAHAHAH!! You made a typo! Finally the fox makes a mistake! It's vain, not vein!
fox Unit 01 wrote:Well, I'm out. Gotta drag my lazy bum out of bed for school tomarrow morning. Hurrah. At least I don't have class until 9:20 AM, but still. Urgh.
You actually have school? I still have another week off! Woo! :P
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Post by BountyHunter-1156d » Sat Jan 06, 2007 2:50 am

ewww school...(g.e.d. droop out)

sorry havent been home to test WORK and girlfriend...
my newyears was me driving my bike in 30% weather 4 hours to surprise my girl, and it was worth it :wink:
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Post by fox » Tue Jan 09, 2007 6:16 pm

http://www.memes.no/88flak/downloads/be ... _trail.jpg

Rogue firing off a Counter-Measure trail. Bad shot, I know, but you get the feeling.

Aside from that, yeah, I know, we've reached RC42. Amazing huh? Mind you, back when the Release Canidates started neat features like bots weren't even in the mod yet (bots were added after I stumbled across how to work a certain NPC behavior correctly). Flak WILL be finalized soon, it's just a matter of time. More on this later.

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Post by Captain_Trent » Fri Jan 12, 2007 2:17 am

:? Ok I am not sure what is happening!!
I tried to go onto the server just now and I tried three times just to see if it was a one time thing but I came out of the base in the Nexus and I got booted each time. Then I set up the test mod on my Laptop and the same thing happened. I then did a total re-install of the game and that didn't change anything.
I just wanted you to know what has happened to me just incase it has something to do with the mod which I am not sure about, or the server. As I can get into a regualer game with the mod and it runs fine.

Just tried a server using 88Flak v26.1 and everything is working good with that mod.

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Post by Outsider » Fri Jan 12, 2007 11:53 pm

I was just testing, um, a certain ship with fox, and everything was fine. No clue what might be your problem..
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Post by Captain_Trent » Sat Jan 13, 2007 12:41 pm

Not sure what else to do. I have tried everything I usually do and I can only get as far as moving in the nexus and then I am kicked out of the game. 88Flak v1.27 is the only mod I have on.
This is what I have tried; Re-insalled Freelancer, restored back-up files, deleated any saved files, re-installed the mod. If there is anything I missed or if anyone might have another idea that might help please let me know, or if its because there is so much testing going on.

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Post by Dave » Sun Jan 14, 2007 6:59 am

By the way, The mysterious server running the 1.26 mod was me :P

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Post by fox » Mon Jan 15, 2007 12:50 am

People seemed in favor for a return of Trade Lanes, so I went ahead and played around with them some. While I could re-insert them decently, the actual Trade Lanes don't really work well with Flak. And by that I mean that Flak is balanced around having to cruise anywhere, with certain things taken into account - for instance, a ship with Counter-Measures has an exponentially easier time travelling than a ship with no Counter-Measures, such as a Light Fighter, Transport, etc. This "variablility" in ease of travel between ship classes is pointless in Trade Lanes, since your chance of an encounter can't be influenced by the ship equipment at all - only by how likely you are to get jumped in the Trade Lane. This brings about another point - where Trade Lanes are jumped is defined by the system, and uses the "patrol path" NPC behavior (I think at least). Patrol Path behavior is currently reserved for wingmen in Flak, so from what I've observed the only things you'll get jumped by are wingmen squads. All in all, those are small points, yeah, however the real turn-off for me was how much of a pain getting Trade Lanes back in is. For New York alone, it took a solid 20 minutes re-inserting everything correctly. For 29 systems that would need Trade Lanes re-inserted, that'd be a solid 580 minutes of work - just over 9 and a half hours, probably 6-8 if I got a good re-insertion system going. So I dunno. Just seems kinda pointless to me at that point. =\

However, I do agree travel could be sped up a bit. I'm going to play around with cruise a bit tonight. I welcome feedback on this subject, so please let your opinions be heard.

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Post by Outsider » Wed Jan 31, 2007 4:59 pm

This has been posted at around 5:00 PM, on January 31st.

Your topic title is wrong. :P

It's RC 51 now, not 50. Heh.
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