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88FlakMini-Banner288 Flak is a fast-paced combat mod for the 3D action game Freelancer by Digital Anvil. It aims to bring quick and brutal arena-like combat to Freelancer with Unreal Tournament 2004 style speed and years of refined Team Fortress inspired class balancing. In addition, it aims to expand the gameplay experience with numerous new features, including docking on player Battleships (use teammates as mobile bases), purchasable stations (private bases that shoot at hostile NPCs and players), hiring AI wingmen, dynamic AI routines (88 Flak’s AI is hailed to be the best in Freelancer), ability to script story missions in multiplayer (extremely beta), AI Bots (persistent NPCs with their own reputations and loadouts), and full customizability via a Freelancer Mods Manager script with configurable client-side and server-side options such as advanced graphics/audio and more.


88 Flak has been in the works since January 21, 2005, and continues to be developed today by members of the community. Anyone from lone players to full clans are welcome to either join in the fun on the 24/7 server or get active in the project’s development.

88 Flak Mod Links:

Website – Currently pending reconstruction. In the meantime, please visit the Wiki and Forums! The old Mini-Site can be found here.

News – Redirects you to the News category.

Forums – Redirects you to the Forum, where you can discuss the mod, as well as a few other projects, with various community members.

1.27 Beta Downloads Topic – Redirects you to the 1.27 beta topic, where you can download the latest version of the mod.

Videos – Redirects you to the online Videos page. If this is your first time here, you may wish to watch 88 Flak: Final Cut, a documentary of the 88 Flak 1.27 betas, located on this page.

Gameplay Screenshots – Redirects you to the Gameplay Screenshots page, where you can see the mod in action.

Misc Screenshots – Redirects you to the Misc Screenshots page, where you can view random shots of ships, scenery, or neat features of the mod.

ModDB Profile – Redirects you to 88 Flak’s ModDB Profile, where you can find additional information about the mod. While most mod news and discussions are generally posted on the Forums, the ModDB Profile is maintained for those whom are unfamiliar with 88 Flak.

24/7 88 Flak Server – Redirects you to the server topic.